Due to the current situation with COVID 19, we meet online at 10:30 on Sunday. 

Contact us by email or phone to get a link.

Dharma Service

10:30~12:00 am, Sunday

Dharma means the Truth, the nature of reality, and teachings of Buddhism.

We weekly gather to learn Dharma by Meditation, Prayer, Singing the hymn, Listening to Dharma talks, and Conversation. 

Meditation Service

07:30~08:30 pm, Thrusday

Meditation is the practice of cultivating the true nature of human being.

We practice Sitting meditation, Chanting of the Buddhas' name, and Moving meditation.

Sometime, we drink a green tea.

Yoga Service

07:30~08:30 pm, Tues & Friday

Yoga is the conversation with your body. Yoga mat is provided.

  + Tuesday : Beginner

  + Friday : Advanced


Won Buddhism of Los Angeles

Address: 401 Shatto Place

                     Los Angeles, CA 90020

Email: la@wonbuddhism.org 

Phone: (213) 381-1261


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