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Our Reverends


Venerable Grace Yang

is a lifetime dedicated dharma teacher.(Kyo-moo-nim) and a pioneering Won Buddhist minister. She had mainly served at the temples in California (San Francisco, Orange County, and Los Angeles) for 30 years. She is now the head minister in LA temple and supervises all the temples in the western side of the states since 2012. She is also in charge of the project, Won Meditation Center in Lake Elsinore that will be completed in 2026.


Rev. Dogun Hwang

was ordained as Won Buddhist minister and assigned to this temple in 2018. Though he was born into Won Buddhist family, he wasn't interested in the teaching until he reached 28. He began attending meditation and dharma service when he got a job at architecture firm in Seoul. After years of practice, he realized the value of dharma and decided to become ordained minister and dedicate his life to public service.

(213) 352 6134 (text)


Rev. Deokwon Yang (Kevin)

was ordained and assigned to the LA temple in 2021. He was born into Won Buddhist family and decided to become a dharma teacher from an early age.

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