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Root of My Attachment

Internet addiction is not a choice but a real disease, say doctors (Illustration: Subrata Dhar)

I felt a little hasty when I was entering data on the website because it was a monotonous task and, in fact, I should have done it a day before. I was little upset and asked myself, “How am I ever going to finish this?”

I tried to be mindful, but I could notice the urge to play the Hearthstone or to watch the Youtube. I managed to shake off the distracting thought but I wondered why they kept coming up? I must be attached to those things. They were frequenters of my mind. They have showed up whenever I tried to do the task which I couldn’t enjoy. I unconsciously invited those things to just get away with the task.

I tried to be mindful by bringing my conscious to my lower belly. It worked. I breathed deeply and stretched my back swinging my head. I realized I got so vulnerable to my attachment when I tried to do what I don’t enjoy, so I tried to be very mindful and didn’t push myself but let myself be at rest. As a result, I could keep my mind unattached and started the task again in a minute.

I was excited to find out the root of my attachment and the key moment to be mindful. I used to push myself to deal with the job and later indulged myself to play games which actually strengthen my attachment. I am going to cut off the source of my attachment. Without dealing with the root, practicing non-attachment is quite foolish.

Aug 5, 2019



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